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Shandong Utlet New Material Co.,Ltd
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PVC Foam Sheet

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Title: PVC Foam Sheet 
Brand: Utlet
1/8: (3mm) X 24" X 48
1/4: (6mm) X 24" X 48
0.393: (10mm) X 24" X 48
Unit price: 10.00 USD/Pieces
MOQ: 10 Pieces
Quantity: 10 Pieces
Delivery date: Since the payment date 3 Days delivery
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal,D/P,D/A,O/A
Area Origin: East Asia - China(Mainland)

Contact: Liu Juan (Ms.)      


Our UTLET is a versatile expanded PVC used for POP, signage, and non-load-bearing wood replacement for interior and exterior applications.
Utlet Products Features:
 Unlike some other leading brands - Celtec is lead and heavy metal free.
 Superior UV package for extended outdoor life (white)
 Good screw and staple retention
 Optimal density for stiffness and durability.
 Satin finish with the smallest and most consistent cell structure makes it ideal to paint or laminate to secondary substrates.
 Very fine microcellular structure - makes edge finishing easier
 No voids in thickness - ideal for situations requiring routing
 All material produced in the US - only US produced 25mm and 30mm extruded free foam
 Lightweight and easy to handle
 Sheets are oversized by a minimum of ¼" in length and width for improved yields
 Meets UL94 5V, UL 1975 and has a flame spread of 20 according to ASTM E84.
 Closed cell structure and has extremely low water absorption values.
 Great insulating characteristics.
shandongutlet(AT)hotmail(dot)com  shandongutlet(AT)outlook(dot)com
Utlet PVC foam sheet size
1/8" (3mm) X 24" X 48"  PVC foam sheet
1/8" (3mm) X 48" X 96"  PVC foam sheet
1/4" (6mm) X 24" X 48"  PVC foam sheet
1/4" (6mm) X 48" X 96" PVC foam sheet
0.393" (10mm) X 24" X 48"  PVC foam sheet
1/2" (12mm)X 24" X 48" PVC foam sheet
1/2" (12mm) X 48" X 96" PVC foam sheet
shandongutlet(AT)hotmail(dot)com  shandongutlet(AT)outlook(dot)com

PVC Foam Sheet
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